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Today is Sunday, the 21st of October 2018.

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Under Construction. Body isn't final.

Welcome to Constel Estate, star real estate for you, and everyone who'd like to own its own. Be your own king, explorer, geograph, or whatever you ever dreamed to be!


Yes, if Lorem Ipsum could talk, it would say much more about it; Buying is what you are good at, exploit what we do; we are made to get along! Get hooked to the deal, and start getting greedy yourself too, to create a huge inflated star market we'd be the leader. Always remember, if you make your star worth, it only makes ours even more!

To be serious. I don't have time to finalise the content of this site as I'd wish to. Didn't have time to test all those functionality I wanted either, too bad. All that to make that, some part only there to meet assignment requirement (such as this home page). If anyone takes mark down for such trivial thing than using Lorem Ipsum text, shame on you.

But despite it is only the shade of what it could be, I worked hard on this site. So please enjoy, if you can.